May is Mental Health Awareness Month

While I am based in Vancouver, Canada…I fully support May being a month for Mental Health Awareness in other locations throughout the world.

So what exactly is May Mental Health Awareness? What is the goal around Mental Health Awareness month?

Well to answer these questions, let’s start with what exactly mental health professional professionals, advocates and organizations do during May. We observe, share, support and create dialogue around the importance of sharing information with colleagues, clients, media and our communities. Ways we try and connect in a small and larger scale is by sharing information, creating events, fostering connections on an individual level as well as at the community level.

Some of our goals (and not just during this month) is to bring awareness of the importance of one’s mental health, to continue efforts to reduce the stigma around mental health – illnesses, conditions, resources that are available, asking for support, normalizing and validating people’s experiences with their own mental health, or a loved one’s….. just to name a few things.

As we journey throughout the month of May, I will be posting here on my blog, but also on my Instagram page: and website:

Please join me and if you have any questions, would like to connect around questions you may have around how to support your mental health, if you’re looking for a life coach or counsellor, or anything else that may come to mind, please do reach out:

I look forward to sharing and exploring in our journey with mental health.

With kindness,

Heather C. – Certified Wellness Counsellor, Certified Life Coach, Certified EFT Practitioner – Level 1

If you’re experiencing a crisis, below are some contacts to support you:

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